Flashback Friday! Demolition, Soil Remediation, and Storage Tank Removal

SES was contracted to demolish a vacant building and remove all concrete slabs and footers, in preparation for new construction.
After tearing down the building and pulling out all slabs and footers, the concrete and surrounding soil were required to be tested. After we received positive results for contamination, SES removed all contaminated materials in accordance with all state and local regulatory requirements. In doing so, an unknown underground storage tank was discovered. Once contents were sampled and proven to be contaminated, SES began safely removing materials from the tank, and the tank was removed from the ground. Prior to recycling, SES was required to clean the interior of the tank to ensure all hazardous materials had been removed.
SES finished by clearing the brush along the perimeter of the area, testing all leftover soils to ensure they were clean, and grading the area.