I3 Clarifier

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Project Highlights

Client Name: I3 Electronics
Location: Endicott, NY

  • Industrial Cleaning of 500,000-gallon clarifier
  • Excavation and management of 100 tons of hazardous sludge and 200 tons of non-hazardous solids
  • Management and stabilization of liquid waste prior to disposal
  • Closure of clean clarifier and WWTP

Download 1This site is a manufacturing facility located in Endicott, NY that required industrial cleaning of the WWT plant with the final cleaning and closure of the 500,000-gallon clarifier.

Late in 2019, i3 electronics reached the decision to cease plating operations at the Endicott, NY facility. Based on that decision SES was retained to complete the cleaning and closure of wastewater treatment facility.

SES developed the flow process of cleaning and closing the tanks in line with the treatment process.

Significant space restrictions limited availability of equipment, access, and methods that could be utilized. It was necessary for the plant to continue to operate during the project.

The remedial activities included the use of industrial power washers and the cleaning of all piping systems, collection and management of process water, and segregation and management of hazardous and nonhazardous sludge and solids. SES provided onsite stabilization of liquids and solids that were then loaded into permitted vehicles and transported off-site via nonhazardous and hazardous waste manifests to an approved facility. The water was determined to be nonhazardous waste and was transported off-site.