Asbestos & Lead Abatement, Utica, New York


  • Abatement of asbestos containing materials
  • Guano removal and biological cleaning
  • Scrapping of all surfaces on four floors to remove loose and flaking lead-based paint
  • Select demolition of all MEPs
  • Exterior building improvements

The historic “Old Main” building in Utica, New York, constructed in 1843 as a mental health institution, faced years of neglect but was restored by SES. This five-level structure, listed on the National Register for Historic Places, was decommissioned in 1978, with the upper four levels abandoned and colonized by birds, leading to significant guano buildup. SES addressed asbestos-containing materials, flaking lead-based paint, and waste. They secured the exterior, removed pigeons, and systematically cleaned and encapsulated the floors for asbestos abatement. Simultaneously, they conducted lead abatement, followed by selective demolition and exterior improvements, breathing new life into this historic gem.