Nonprofit Organization – Community Cleanup, Western New York


  • Cleanup of over seven local homes including asbestos removal, debris cleanup and selective demolition
  • Completed jobs on condensed schedules
  • Safe transportation of disposal to an approved waste facility

As of April 2021, this community nonprofit organization built and/or renovated over 240 homes. These homes were then offered to members of the community at an affordable rate.

In 2018, SES got to participate in these renovations by removing harmful asbestos from several structures. Throughout the years of our partnership, SES has cleaned over 12,000 square feet of non-friable asbestos and over 21,000 square feet of friable asbestos.

In addition, some of the older homes require more work then just asbestos abatement. This includes drywall, stairs, exterior siding, chimneys, fuel oil tanks and floor tile removal.

Finally, the material is loaded into permitted vehicles and transported off-site via non-hazardous and hazardous waste manifests to the approved designated facilities.