Digester Decommissioning, Western New York


  • Excavated and transported 650 tons of stabilized sludge for disposal to an approved waste facility
  • Demolished the above-grade portions of the tanks into the below-grade portions
  • Utilized site soils to regrade the area

SES was contracted by a local municipality to take care of solidification and disposal of sludge, demolition, and final grading of two abandoned concrete digester tanks. These tanks were 30’ and 25’ in diameter, 20’ tall, with the tank base being 7’ below grade.

The sludge was first solidified using quick-lime and sawdust for easier removal. SES then excavated and transported over 650 tons of stabilized sludge to an approved local waste facility.

After waste was transported, SES began the demolition process. This demo included penetration of tanks in multiple locations to provide for drainage of rainwater, followed by demolition of each tank from the top down allowing for the concrete to fill the subsurface portion of the structure.

Finally, the debris was removed and site soils were used to regrade the area.