Urban Demolition for Redevelopment


  • Demolition of five residential multifamily homes- (46,500 SF)
  • Controlled demolition of three structures with non- friable asbestos in place
  • Installed 510 cubic yards of flowable fill in sub-basement
  • Foundation debris crushed and reused on-sits as fill
  • Completed site grading and compaction

In Central New York, near a large hospital, this project involved demolishing five multifamily apartment buildings to make space for a hotel serving hospital patients’ families. Three structures contained non-friable asbestos, while the other two were demolished conventionally. The challenging terrain, marked by steep elevation changes, added complexity to the project.

Before demolition, SES oversaw the removal and consolidation of universal waste materials, such as refrigerants, hazardous waste, bulbs, and ballast, ensuring proper disposal through a licensed waste transporter.

One building at the hill’s apex, situated at a road intersection, had a sub-basement, necessitating the installation of 510 cubic yards of flowable fill for future construction support.

Following flowable fill placement, concrete and stone foundation materials were crushed on-site for use as fill material. The site’s construction grade featured two working platforms, with clean fill brought in and compacted during final grading. Once both “workable” areas achieved sufficient compaction, SES restored the site to meet specifications and demobilized.