Urban Demolition for Redevelopment


  • Demolition of five residential multifamily homes- (46,500 SF).
  • Controlled demolition of three structures with non- friable asbestos in place.
  • Installed 510 cubic yards of flowable fill in sub-basement.
  • Foundation debris crushed and reused on-sits as fill.
  • Completed site grading and compaction.


This site was located in an urban area of Central New York, adjacent to a large hospital.

The scope consisted of controlled demolition of five multifamily apartment buildings as part of a redevelopment for the construction of a hotel for the family members of hospital’s patients. Three of the structures were demolished with non-friable asbestos in place and the remaining two structures were demolished utilizing traditional methods. The structures were located on a hill, resulting in steep elevation changes on within the lots.

Prior to the demolition, SES removed and consolidated all universal waste materials (refrigerants, household hazardous waste, bulbs, and ballast) and had it transported and disposed of through a licensed waste transporter.

The structure at the top of the hill, along the corner of two roads had a sub-basement which required the installation of 510 cubic yards of flowable fill to adequately support future construction.

After the flowable fill was installed, the concrete and stone foundation materials were crushed and processed on-site and reused as fill.  The construction grade of the site was comprised of two working platforms.  Clean fill was imported as needed and compacted in place as part of the final site grading. Once adequate compaction was achieved on both “workable” areas, SES restored the site to its specified conditioned and demobilized from the site.