Andrews Street, Rochester, New York

Project Highlights:

  • Removed 150 tons of non-hazardous concrete.
  • Removed 1,600 tons of non-hazardous soil.
  • Removed 110 tons of hazardous waste concrete.
  • Removed 1,240 tons of hazardous waste soil.

The project’s main goal was remediation of the subsurface soil impacted by dry-cleaning contaminants TCE and PCE.

The first task was to safely demolish a 3,500 square foot former dry cleaner building with asbestos in place, and the removal and segregation of universal wastes from the building. The second task was the demolition and removal of concrete slabs and footers, segregating 25% of the materials as hazardous waste.   The third task was the excavation, segregation of hazardous and non hazardous soils using a slide rail a shoring system.

The waste management and off-site disposal includes 1,240 tons of hazardous waste soils, 110 tons of hazardous waste concrete, 1,600 tons of non-hazardous soils, and 150 tons of non-hazardous concrete.

Backfill involved a demarcation fabric, slotted PVC pipe around the perimeter of the excavation with a solid riser to grade, import and placement of 2,300 tons of crushed stone. Restoration included asphalt paving and a new chain link fence.

Additional activities included vibration and optical monitoring, survey, dust, vapor and odor suppression with biosove and foam, water management and treatment, and perimeter air monitoring to ensure compliance.