Former Geneva MGP, Geneva, New York

Project Highlights: 

  • Excavated 15,540 cubic yards of impacted soil and debris.
  • Transported 12,000 tons of non-hazardous waste off site.
  • Transported 11,000 tons of soil off-site for thermal treatment.
  • Demolition of two small buildings.


Sessler Environmental Services (SES) was contracted to remediate waste from a Manufactured Gas Plant at an operational service center. The objectives encompassed addressing twenty-three areas of concern, varying in size and depth, with some requiring shoring. Additionally, the project involved the treatment of two drainage swales and a former gas purification oxide box system situated in the building’s basement.

Key project components included soft dig utility locates, as well as vibration and optical monitoring of nearby buildings and high-pressure gas mains. Subsurface structures were demolished and removed, and any encountered pipes within the excavation were drained, capped, and removed. All water encountered during the excavation was collected, treated, and responsibly discharged. To access the oxide boxes in the basement, openings were created in the concrete building’s exterior wall.

The project further entailed the replacement of 220 feet of 12-inch drainage piping and the installation of three new drainage structures. The restoration phase covered various aspects, such as concrete sidewalks, drive mats, asphalt paving, chain-link fencing, standard lawn restoration, and the planting of wetland vegetation.