Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning & Removal, Northwestern Pennsylvania


  • Cleaning of a 20,000 gallon #6 Fuel Oil Tank
  • Transportation & disposal of over 8,000 gal of #6 Fuel Oil
  • Demolition and removal of clean tank for recycling
  • Cleaning and removal solids from the caustic tank in boiler room
  • Concrete demolition and construction of new waste holding area at the facility

This site is a manufacturing facility located in Pennsylvania that required the closure and demolition of a 20,000-gallon #6 Fuel Oil Tank.

Late in 2019, the manufacturer reached the decision to close and remove the #6 Fuel Oil Tank as the availability of natural gas made the use of #6 Fuel Oil obsolete.

SES developed the flow process for cleaning and closing the tank in line with the safety requirements dictated by the manufacturing facility team, as well as state and federal guidelines.

Space restrictions created limited access as well as availability of equipment and methods that could be utilized to remove the oil. It was necessary for the plant to continue to operate during the project.

The remedial activities included the use of industrial power washers for the cleaning of the tank and associated piping systems.

SES provided collection and management of the processed water, as well as segregation and management of hazardous and non-hazardous sludge and solids. SES also had a confined space entry and rescue team present for all tank cleaning activities.

Because the #6 oil system heater was not functioning, SES “cut” the #6 oil and provided aeration to complete the material removal, cleaning, and closure of the tank.