MGP Site Remediation, Western New York


  • Utilization of Slide Rail Shoring System
  • Business remained open during remediation.
  • 6,600+ tons of MGP impacted non-hazardous soil waste
  • 6,800+ tons of imported materials
  • Bypass or relocation and restoration of multiple on-site utilities
  • Site restored to pre-remediation conditions

This complex project involved excavating and segregating 6,600 tons of impacted and non-hazardous soils from a manufactured gas plant (MGP) beneath an active roadway near operational businesses. Vibration monitoring and pre- and post-remedial structural surveys were conducted due to the proximity of existing buildings.

Soil excavation, reaching depths of up to 15 feet, utilized a slide rail shoring system. Managing impacted groundwater was crucial as the excavation extended below the water table, and on-site odor and vapor suppression equipment addressed potential issues from MGP waste.

After removing soil, non-hazardous material went to a local landfill, and MGP waste was sent to a thermal desorption facility. The project also entailed relocating and bypassing utilities (water, storm drainage, electric, and fiber optic).

Site restoration involved backfilling with over 6,800 tons of imported material in one-foot layers, compacted to 95% density and returning the site to its pre-construction condition, including lawns, concrete sidewalks, granite curbs, asphalt roadways, and parking lots.