SVE Installation at Fuel Service Station, Eastern New York


  • Self-performed the Utility Location
  • Service station remained open through duration of system installation
  • Installed over 1000 LF of piping
  • Installed 6 system wells and 5 monitoring points
  • Conducted site restoration

This former fuel station in Eastern New York underwent excavation, piping, and restoration work for a Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) system. SES employed soft excavation techniques to expose subsurface utilities, cleared 200 linear feet of trenches, and ensured safety with temporary fencing and traffic signs. The project included installing three air sparge wells, three vapor extraction wells, and five monitoring wells, incorporating two existing wells. SES excavated 200 linear feet of trench, installed 1,000 linear feet of subsurface pipe, and utilized road plates for overnight coverage. They connected well heads to the system piping, added a client-supplied treatment system on a new concrete slab enclosed by a chain-link fence, and completed site restoration with new asphalt, grass, seeding, and planters.