Ink Cleaning / Mercury Spill Remediation, Western New York


  • Asbestos Abatement of Existing Steam Lines
  • Industrial Ink Cleaning
  • Mercury Spill Identification and Remediation
  • T&D of all contaminated materials to DEC approved landfill


SES was retained by a local plastic manufacturing company to address multiple environmental issues related to the previous operation of the industrial facility, including, hazardous waste identification, abatement of asbestos pipe insulation, and removal of floor tile and mastic.

SES abated several long steam line pipe chases. In addition, SES removed two layers of vinyl flooring and the underlying mastic.

During the abatement activities SES, was notified that the client had discovered a mercury spill and directed SES to investigate the facility for evidence of mercury releases.

SES identified three spill locations and was instructed by the client to remediate all areas affected by the mercury releases.

With significant space restrictions and need for the facility to maintain operation during the cleanup, SES was able to successfully isolate the contamination and complete the cleanup in a timely manner without affecting plant operation.