Central School District Abatement, Central New York


  • Abatement of 28,000 sf of asbestos-containing flooring.
  • Abatement of 1,000 lf of asbestos-containing insulation
  • Abatement of 2,900 lf PCB containing caulking.
  • Select demolition of 50,000 sf area where activities included, partition walls, exterior walls, and building sections.


SES was hired to perform select demolition and abatement work at the Woodland and Fremont Elementary Schools in East Syracuse.

The abatement activities involved the removal of 28,000 square feet of non-friable ACM floor tile, 1,000 linear feet of friable asbestos pipe insulation, and 2,900 linear feet of PCB containing caulking.

The select demolition activities included a full interior renovation consisting of the removal of 42,000 square feet of partition walls, over 200 doors, 60,000 square feet of ceiling, over 40,000 square feet of non-ACM flooring, 10,000 square feet of concrete floor slabs, and the demolition of 5,000 square foot of the building roof.

SES began the project by mobilizing to the site and systematically securing sections of the building. We then removed the asbestos and PCB materials. Once an area was cleared of environmental hazards, the select demolition commenced. The walls and ceilings were removed using manual and mechanical methods. The floor surface materials were then removed, and the floor slab cuts followed. The last portion of the select demolition was the removal of exterior walls and roofing. We finished by safely demobilizing and removing of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste.