Abatement, Above and Below Grade Demolition and Clean-up, Western NY


  • Abated 5,154 square feet of Friable asbestos and over 20,000 square feet of Non-Friable asbestos
  • Demolished and removed all material above grade, then unearthed all concrete below grade
  • Used SES concrete crusher to size 2″ pieces, that was then utilized for hard fill


SES was contracted by a consulting firm to abate and demolish a commercial plaza. This consisted of 14,600 square foot storage facility, a 11,300 square foot supply store, and a 2,400 square foot commercial house, among additional small sheds and concrete walls/slabs.

Once abatement and demolition was complete, we thoroughly cleaned the job site and transported all debris to a local landfill. We then began sub grade concrete slabs and foundations. Once
the concrete was completely unearthed, we used our concrete crusher to size 2”-3” pieces of concrete that was then left for the customer to use as hard fill.

Finally, we graded the site for the customer. Leaving it level and clean for future construction.