School District Emergency Fire Restoration, Southern Tier NY

Project Highlights

  • Carbon Filters & Hydroxyl Generators (Vacuum Cleaning)
  • Abatement of 18,000 sq/ft of floor space from fire damage
  • T&D of all contaminated materials to DEC approved landfill

SES was retained by a school district to provide disaster relief in the form of fire restoration services for a fire that started with the auditorium curtain and quickly spread to the stage. SES responded in an expedited manner to complete restoration activities prior to the start of the new school year.

SES was on site shortly after submitting a notification to the DOL to assess the damage and start to formulate a plan for the restoration of the auditorium and for the mitigation of the smoke damage on the first and second floor of the school’s main building.

Once the approach and cleaning methods were approved by the superintendent of the district, SES isolated the work areas and set up all monitoring and testing equipment.

The restoration activities included the cleaning of all walls, ceilings, lights, and floors in the damaged area. The auditorium front curtains and secondary curtains were replaced, while all seats and cloth coverings were industrial-cleaned using hot water extraction methods.