Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning & Removal, Northwestern Pennsylvania


  • Cleaning of a 20,000 gallon #6 Fuel Oil Tank
  • Transportation & disposal of over 8,000 gal of #6 Fuel Oil
  • Demolition and removal of clean tank for recycling
  • Cleaning and removal solids from the caustic tank in boiler room
  • Concrete demolition and construction of new waste holding area at the facility

This Pennsylvania manufacturing site needed to demolish a 20,000-gallon #6 Fuel Oil Tank due to the prevalence of natural gas, rendering #6 Fuel Oil obsolete. SES implemented a safety-focused process to clean and close the tank while maintaining plant operations despite space and equipment challenges. We employed industrial power washers for cleaning, managed water treatment, sludge, and solids, and had a confined space team on hand. Given a non-functional #6 oil system heater, SES used aeration to finish tank removal, cleaning, and closure.