Asbestos Abatement – TSI Removals, Western New York


  • Removal of various sizes and applications of ACM Insulation related to Steam & Chiller Systems, floor coring, selective pipe decommissioning etc.

As part of our expanding services contract with a local Power Plant over the past year, SES has been engaged in various abatement tasks. These activities encompass the removal of ACM Insulation in diverse sizes and applications, including those related to Steam & Chiller Systems, Floor Coring, Selective Pipe Decommissioning, Roof Cleanup, Lead-Based Paint Scraping, Window Removal, and Debris Cleanup, among others.

During the past year, SES successfully removed approximately >2,860 Linear Feet of Friable TSI Insulation and >8,000 Square Feet of Friable ACM Debris from various buildings within the Power Plant Park.

For each location, we established a regulated work area using barrier tape and signage to create a Demarcated Area before commencing work. Subsequently, we set up negative pressure tents equipped with airlocks and Remote Decontamination units to support abatement activities.

The waste generated is then transported to an approved waste facility, and third-party air monitoring and testing are conducted to ensure compliance with safety standards before project completion.