City Hall Disinfecting and Prevention Services, Central New York


  • Two applications of hospital-grade sanitizer applied over approximately 16,000 square foot
  • Thorough wipe down of all surfaces and touch points with microfiber cloths
  • Application of 90-day anti-microbial

This site was located at a historical city hall. Built in 1870, the building is nearly 22,000 square feet. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most operations that take place in the building had been shut down for over two months.

Eager to resume work and provide employees with peace of mind, city officials reached out to SES regarding disinfection services. SES utilizes electrostatic sprayers and hospital-grade sanitizing and protectant solutions in order to maximize efficiency while restoring the environment to a safe state. The process was performed based on specific manufacturer guidelines and involved two applications of the disinfectant. Between applications, all surfaces were wiped down. Following the second application, a 90-day antimicrobial protective coating protective was applied.