Syracuse VAMC, Syracuse, New York


  • Removed 27,000 sf of slab
  • Completed project in 2.5 weeks
  • Did not disturb the sub base

Sessler Environmental Services (SES) recently executed a commendable project at the Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center Parking Garage, showcasing their expertise in precision and efficiency. Tasked with the saw cutting and removal of a substantial 28,000 square feet of concrete slab, the team exhibited meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to sustainability.

The process involved the careful cut and sectioning of the concrete slab into manageable 6×6 sections, ensuring not to disturb the underlying sub base. This strategic approach not only showcased Sessler Environmental Services’ commitment to precision but also underscored their ability to execute complex tasks with minimal impact on surrounding infrastructure.

An environmentally conscious approach was adopted as all removed material, totaling 28,000 square feet, was responsibly transported to a local facility. Here, the concrete underwent crushing for subsequent reuse, aligning with contemporary principles of sustainable construction practices.

Impressively, the project was completed within a tight timeframe of 2.5 weeks, attesting to Sessler Environmental Services’ proficiency in managing and executing large-scale endeavors with efficiency and precision. The utilization of two slab saws and three skid steers, including a vacuum attachment, underscored the incorporation of cutting-edge equipment and technology to streamline the operation.

Sessler Environmental Services’ successful completion of the Syracuse VAMC Parking Garage project not only exemplifies their technical prowess but also highlights their commitment to environmentally conscious practices, reinforcing their position as leaders in the field of concrete removal and environmental services.